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Parent Coaching in Nelson BC with Judy Banfield

I have been supporting new moms with Parenting and Life Coaching for over 30 years.

The transition to motherhood is one of the most profound life changes women experience.

It’s earth shattering.

Your whole sense of self, your identity, your sense of competence, your sense of control, your priorities, your relationships… all change. Overnight.

How are adjusting to being a new mom?

Are you overwhelmed by the enormity of the responsibility of caring for a new baby?

Are you confused by all the conflicting information you read or hear from others?

Are you struggling with your new identity – wondering who you are now that your life has changed so dramatically?

Is your self-confidence shaken because sometimes you just don’t know what to do to comfort your baby?

Are you finding breastfeeding challenging?

Is your relationship with your partner stressed?

Coaching may be just what you need to help you deal with these difficult, and challenging, but very normal feelings.

Once you become a parent, you begin the hardest, and I believe the most important job in the world.

And unfortunately, it often feels like the loneliest job in the world.

In my over 30 years of supporting new moms, I have seen a steady erosion of mothers’ self-confidence.

Most new mothers in western cultures have little support.

The small tight communities of long ago are gone.
Now mothers (and fathers) are struggling to find the “right” way to parent.
They are confused by what their babies are doing.
They are bombarded by conflicting information and philosophies.
They are desperately searching for direction and validation.

Mothers are, as one mom put it, “flailing”. Maybe that’s how you feel as well.

So how do you get your bearings? How do you reconnect with your sense of self, your sense of self-confidence and self-worth?

That’s where I come in.

There are a number of ways that we can work together to help you be a more confident, competent and happy parent.

I have dedicated my life to supporting new mothers and parents of young children so that children will thrive. I have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal about what mothers and babies and young children need. both through my education and years of direct experience. I believe strongly that almost all mothers have the capacity and intuitive wisdom to be fabulous parents.

But mothers need to have the encouragement, information, self-awareness, and skills to bring that capacity to fulfillment. They also need a safe place to talk about all the feelings, positive and negative you are experiencing.

When you work with me I provide you with all of those.

I can be your support person, your friend, and your mentor. Together we can explore all, or some, of the following:

How are you doing right now?

What are your long and short term goals as a parent?

How were you parented?

What are you reading or hearing from others (friends, family, books, mommy blogs, websites) that are confusing you?

What do you want to learn about normal infant development and behaviour?

Are you familiar with different parenting approaches and techniques?

Are you familiar with the research on attachment and its role in children’s all around healthy development?

By exploring these areas together my goal is to have you develop a sense of your own capacity and competence as a parent.

I want you to feel good about yourself , know what you think and feel in your heart, and develop the confidence to parent in a way that supports and optimizes the well-being of you, your children and your family.

And I want you to have fun and laugh, and experience the true joy, silliness, and wonder of being a parent.

Just as I have helped thousands of mothers over the years, I will help you to connect with, and truly trust, your own inner wisdom, and the deep knowledge of your baby that only you have.

When you coach with me you will:

  • Have a safe place to talk about all your feelings – positive and negative
  • Learn more about how babies really are.
  • Develop a sense of your baby’s unique temperament and way of being in the world
  • Get support and information to help solve breastfeeding challenges
  • Get in touch with you own intuitive mothering capacity
  • Explore ways to look after yourself
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of attachment and your role in helping your baby become a secure, confident and compassionate grownup.
  • Evaluate what you are hearing from others and how it relates to your baby’s unique self
  • Gain confidence and enhance your self-esteem.

The 30-minute new mom session:

  • Babies need their moms at unpredictable times
  • Moms are tired and exhausted and have little time for themselves
  • A half hour of focused time and attention on YOU and your well being can work wonders.
  • About the half hour: During your coaching session we may be interrupted by your baby needing you. The clock stops to give you time to comfort your baby.
  • If we need to reschedule, we will.

I look forward to getting to know you and your baby and supporting you in your new mothering journey.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about coaching with me.

Ready for a coaching session? Click here for rates and to book a session with me.

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