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Positive Discipline For The Terrible Twos_PODCAST With Judy Banfield

Positive Discipline for the Terrible Twos

When it comes to toddler behaviour, have you ever wondered why it is sometimes referred to as the Terrible Twos?

This week, I recorded a podcast where I explain the various aspects of a toddler’s development and why it’s so important for them to be disciplined in the right way.

And no, I am not referring to discipline as punishment or spanking or anything like that.

I mean discipline that builds connection with your toddler; that is loving and nurturing and guides them through a very important developmental stage of their lives.

Positive toddler discipline is so important because it has a long-term impact on their way of being in the world so they mature into healthy and balanced young kids, teens, and eventually adults.

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And I’d love to hear your questions and feedback in the comments below.


In the podcast, I mention that there are a number of excellent books on the subject of toddler discipline.

Here are some excellent books that I recommend. Some of these are classics and are still best sellers!

The No-Cry Discipline Solution
by Elizabeth Pantley

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
by Faber and Mazlish

Adventures in Gentle Discipline
by Hillary Flowers

Raising Your Spirited Child
by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

CONNECTION PARENTING: Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear
by Pam Leo

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting
by Dr. Laura Markham

Discipline Without Damage
by – Vanessa Lapointe (new book)

Also, here is the link to the info I shared about Child Development by Age.

Judy Banfield

I’m Judy Banfield and I’m here to help you feel better about yourself as a person and more confident and secure as a parent.

In my 30+ years of working with babies, young children and parents, I have learned that valuing and treasuring and deeply knowing yourself gives you the foundation to more confidently and joyfully, love, treasure, teach and guide your children.

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