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PODCAST: Introducing-Solids-to-Your-Baby-with-Judy-Banfield

Introducing Solids to Your Baby

“Do you see what I see?”

I asked this question as I was sitting with a number of new moms and their babies.

Some of the babies were 3 or 4 months old and there was one that was 6 months old.

It was obvious to me that there was a distinct difference in the older baby compared to the younger ones, yet the new moms couldn’t see it.

The distinction had to do with the way the 6-month old was sitting.

Would you believe that how a baby sits affects their readiness to eat solid food?

It’s true.

And would you also believe that, after being around countless new moms and babies over the years, that introducing a baby to solid foods can be so stressful to a new mom that it can make her feel inadequate?

This week on my podcast, I’ll share some simple yet supportive ideas to help you to introduce solid foods and not beat yourself up in the process.

Helpful links:

La Leche League: Starting Solids of starting solids

Dr. Sears on starting solids

Judy Banfield

I’m Judy Banfield and I’m here to help you feel better about yourself as a person and more confident and secure as a parent.

In my 30+ years of working with babies, young children and parents, I have learned that valuing and treasuring and deeply knowing yourself gives you the foundation to more confidently and joyfully, love, treasure, teach and guide your children.

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