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Expert Parenting Advice Interview: Dealing with back to school stress

Judy Banfield interview with Deb Kozak on Kootenay Morning

Ever wonder how some folks manage their kids and the transition back to school and seem to make it all appear so easy?

How do other parents do it?

Perhaps they took some advice that I share in my interview with Deb Kozak on Kootenay Morning. (on Kootenay Co-op Radio)

It’s always a pleasure for me share my knowledge about what it takes to be a great parent. Listen in and learn how you can manage the stress of back to school with your kids.


Judy Banfield

I’m Judy Banfield and I’m here to help you feel better about yourself as a person and more confident and secure as a parent.

In my 30+ years of working with babies, young children and parents, I have learned that valuing and treasuring and deeply knowing yourself gives you the foundation to more confidently and joyfully, love, treasure, teach and guide your children.

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  1. Wow! Once again I’m in total awe of who I work for – Judy your words we so poignant and accepting- I love how you always remind us to listen to our children and encourage them to be who they are – the wonderful unique little beings they all are! You are an amazing boss, mother and friend xox

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