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Coaching for new moms and parents of young children with Judy Banfield

Love yourself, love your children, change the world

You already know parenting a young family isn’t always easy.
But, it can be easier… and I’m here to help.

Over the past 30+ years, thousands of parents have relied on me as a trusted source of parenting advice and support.

You can learn to be a better parent too. Read my blog, listen to my podcast, and get in touch.

“As a working professional and a new mom, I wanted advice from someone who was both current and had a wide breadth of knowledge. Judy helped me with everything from breastfeeding to co-sleeping to working through my emotional experience as a parent. Her support was instrumental. As new moms, we should all have some time with Judy.”

Catherine Williams, MSW-C, Infant Metal Health Clinician, Ministry of Children and Family Development

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Confessions of a Parenting Expert

I think it’s important for you to know, that even those of us who have great training and tons of credentials, can feel as lost and unsure as everyone else when we become parents.

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What is Parenting Coaching?

As a coach, I’m here to acknowledge the important work you are doing AND to provide you with the knowledge, skills, self-awareness and understanding to be the person and the parent you want to be.

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Get the Support You Need to Be a Great Parent.

There are so many ways I can help you. So many that I created this page to tell you about all the things I can do to support you on your parenting journey. Go on, take a peek and see for yourself

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