Bravado Bra Review At Mountain Baby

Bravado Bra REVIEW- the Best Nursing Bra: Celebrity & Mountain Baby Approved

ZeenaWhen Mountain Baby first started almost 20 years ago, I was searching the planet for a really good nursing bra. As a La Leche League Leader (breastfeeding counsellor), it was important to me that nursing women feel really well supported (in all ways), and super comfortable in their nursing bras. Most nursing bras at that time looked like they were made for Zena Warrior Princess – and were about as comfortable.   Then in my search, someone mentioned that there was a new Canadian company that had designed a revolutionary new nursing bra, that was not only comfortable (even to sleep in); it also offered fabulous support. The company was called Bravado Designs.   It was a super small company in Toronto and when I called and talked to them I was delighted. These women actually knew about breastfeeding. They themselves were nursing moms, and also fashion designers. When it came time for them to buy their own nursing bras, they were appalled by what was available. They decided to design their own and make it perfect. I decided to order some right away.


  • When I got my first order I was totally thrilled. There were twelve different sizes which meant virtually every mom would find a bra that would fit her.
  • They were made with 92% cotton and 8% spandex which meant that they would expand and contract as the mom’s breasts expanded and contracted over the course of the day.
  • They designed the bra so that the whole cup opened for feeding, rather than just having a hole to stick your breast through (if it fit!). This allowed the mom to get a really good hold of the breast, and allowed the baby to get a deep, full latch – essential for successful, pain free breastfeeding.
  • They eliminated the snaps and designed a very supportive sports bra style back

They had truly created a perfect nursing bra.

Fast forward 20 years and Bravado has grown into a worldwide success. They are continually designing new style nursing bras, offering more stylish (and sexy) designs – all offering the same fabulous support.  And in case you are interested, check out the celebs who wear Bravado (and who’ve publicly supported breastfeeding!)

Everyone who works at Mountain Baby are devoted Bravado Bra wearers. Most of them have continued to wear their Seamless Silk style long after they finished nursing. It is just so cute and comfy.

Bravado Bra at Mountain Baby

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