The Prosperity Factor by Joe Vitale with Judy BanfieldWow… was this ever exciting!

Last year, I received an email from Joe Vitale saying he was publishing a new book on the many meanings of prosperity; a compilation of the wisdom and experience of people who felt they were making a difference in the world.

Joe Vitale, the very well known personal growth and personal development field author, was asking me to apply to be a potential contributor to his new book.

“Well”, I thought “Making a difference is what I’m all about. And I know I have made a difference in thousands of people’s lives, so I’ll contact them.”

They sent me an extensive application where I had to talk about myself, what I had done in my life to make a difference, what my perspective would be in my writing and what I would be writing about.

Well, you can probably guess what I wanted to write about – How parenting could change the world and make it a better place.

So, I submitted my completed application and then waited. Within a few days, I received an email saying that Joe really liked my topic, but I still needed to go through a personal interview.

A few weeks later I was interviewed by Dan Lok, another major figure in the personal growth world.

What was supposed to be a 20-minute interview went on for about an hour. Dan was really interested in what I had to say and we had a great conversation.

At the end of it, he told me I was “in” and just needed to submit my chapter. I was thrilled.

In a few pages, I condensed everything I believe about compassionate, connected, conscious, parenting and its capacity to change the world into a more compassionate, connected and conscious place to live.

And here it is.

And here I am on the cover with Joe Vitale.

It’s my first work published in a book and I am now working on my own complete book which I plan to complete this year.

You can buy the book on Amazon, but if you but the book from me directly… it’s cheaper (only $14.95) and I won’t charge you for shipping.

And the best part? I’m on the cover of the book you’ll get from me!

Get in touch via my Contact page to order your copy of The Prosperity Factor: How To Achieve Unlimited Wealth in Every Area of Your Life

Amazon Review:

“This book is the Bible of how to prosper in every area of one’s precious existence! It offers chapter and verse on the road to prosperity and should be kept in the drawer of everyone’s bedside table forever!

“I am especially interested in child development and Judy Banfield’s chapter “Conscious Parenting: The Art of Raising Your Child To Thrive,” is the most cogent, understanding, compassionate and wise writing on parenting and childrearing I have ever come across. Ms. Banfield understands the world from the point of view of the developing child and also conveys and empathizes with, in an intricately detailed way, the day-to-day struggle, joy and awesome responsibility of the parent who is doing his or her utmost to be the best parent they can be! Ms. Banfield brings you right into the midst of the everyday scenes and dramas that parents will recognize and relate to from their own childhoods, and those that now arise with their own kids, using lively, truthful, and familiar dialogue! She writes simply and from the heart, with a great deal of humor, and offers unique, yet common sense solutions to the problems and situations that are bound to arise in that most important job in the world, the raising of a child who will, as Ms. Banfield so eloquently puts it…….grow up “to thrive!” Amazon Review